DATSUF - Your tool for CLR based data analysis
What is DATSUF ?

DATSUF is a set of T-SQL user defined functions that enable to run data analysis queries on
top of any version of MS SQL Server. DATSUF can be used within any CLR language or from the
studio management of the MS-SQL.
Quick to install
Easy to learn
Safe to use
What can be done with DATSUF (an example)

With DATSUF you can run sql query which performs a linear regression simple like that:

Select LinearRegXY(Parameters) from myTable
Main benefits of DATSUF

  • Implement data analysis in any programming language quickly and easily.
  • Run analysis over millions of records without the need to export data out of your
  • Test and debug complex processing queries with simple T-SQL scripts.
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Data Analysis T-SQL User Functions (DATSUF)
Version 1.2
Demo version of DATSUF

Full functioning (with no time limitation) demo version of DATSUF is available for download.

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